Starfish Warning!

This starfish is so big it could kill you and its in dream camp and stuff animal state it is call “ BHHJHJHBGJU KOIGBF” it was found on land near dream camp during the tsunami. If you see please report to the dream camp office!


Fixing The Computer Class

Fixing the computer class stuff animals have built a game and have hooked it up to the internet the game is nearly impossible to beat. Some of the kids who have laptops and they play this game during class. Today they marched to the people who invented the game cabin and said “we want our money back” since you have to pay 1 dollar every time you play. The kids took all there stuff. And then got kicked out of dream camp. And they got there stuff back!

Heart Pool

This heart was found at the dream camp pool. We do not know who carved the shape into a heart. But we do now that one of the students saw sprinkles BUTTJERMEAN carving the shape in the night for his girlfriend puppy. Other people say it was sprinkles to. Dream camp saw him do it in their cameras.

The Stuffed Animal State Tsunami

Last week there was a tsunami that hit most of the cabins in dream camp. Some of the kids stuff inside the cabins are now destroyed. So now those kids will be spending the night at other cabins on till their cabins are fixed. But that will take a while because candy BUTTJERMEAN the one who was kidnapped sewed dream camp for 1,000,000 dollar’s. so dream camp has a box in the office to put the money in. and every week we will check how much money we have. But until then those kids will be spending the night at other cabins.

Miss Susan’s Purse

Today at dream camp somebody put dogs in Miss Susan’s bag. We don’t now who it is but Miss Susan saw someone on their cameras from the lobby and saw someone with a sag full of dogs. She also saw him put the dogs in her purse. She is trying to track him down but he keeps changing addresses. And we need your help!

Disco Hamster

Today we saw on the dance floor in dance class was a disco hamster. That was doing the disco. Who was from L.A. animal. He is not even in dream camp. But he still rocked the floor.

The Mystery of the Snowman

The snowman there is a misery. All that we now is that cabin 5092 saw this out of their window. But Miss. Susan had herd that night someone came in to build the snowman. We don’t now who it was so we need your help!Image

Rafting Class

Today at dream camp four students have been rafting and then they saw a shark. Witch ate the raft. The students were fine but the shark came back to land. And been saw the very next day.