Jack Kicked Out Over Hot Tub

This was the dream camp hot tub but one person put goo inside it. The next day one teacher went inside and got stuck and drowned. But the person was Jack! Who is now kicked out of dream camp forever!


A Swimming Chicken?

This is a chicken that was in the dream camp swimming pool we don’t know how it got there but he did. But in the cameras it shows a person putting a chicken inside the pool. We don’t know who it was but it looked like Puppy, Sprinkles, Adam, or Glowie we don’t know who it was but you can Vote!


Have You Seen the Dream Camp Dog?

Attention dream camp the dream camp dog is missing and we need your help to find him the last place we saw him was at the dream camp store. If you find him the report to the dream camp lobby.

Welcome Mr. Lane

Today at dream camp the surfing teacher quit but dream camp did not notice but they hired a celebrity surfer named Mr. Lane. Mr. Lane was a surfer from a long time ago but now he is the surfing and acting teacher now!

Missing: Candy the Dog!

Today at dream camp stuff animals where doing a play. And then a girl came and heared the stuff animals say ( tyehebfer ryrhr4 ryrhryrjhru*) in English it would be (take it from the top people.) then the girl was dancing in the way picking up stuff animals and also kidnapped one named candy. If you find Candy the dog please call dream camp. All we know about her is that she is not dead.

Warning re Eurka

The people from EURKA have been killing people from stuff animal state we don’t know why but they are so call the police if you see them.

Here Comes Chubby the Bear

Today at dream camp a student and pop-star named chubby the bear. Being caught behind a trash can near Animal Moon Restaurant. He was caught by Fuzzy and Teddy BUTTJERMEAN when they were on their way to the parade of the National holiday Mitvit. But chubby the bear still sang at the parade.

Disappearing Stars

Today at dream camp a student had gone to see the smash hit life in the old town 4 and sitting in the front row and next to him was famous stuff animal singers like Kennie the Kawalla, cubby the bear, old man chubs, LL the lion, and lady the ladybug were all sitting next to him in the front row. While the actors on stage were looking at the stars in the front row but at the end of the show the famous singers disappeared if you find one please tell dream camp our phone number is 670-5290 please call

Escape to England

Today two bears were in a play and did not come they also did not come to any other classes for a week. The next day these two bears got caught ditching school and going to England. Their names were Andrew and Amy in cabin 109. They got caught by Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown was going to England too and he saw them on the plane.


Cat in the Pool

Today at the pool at DREAM CAMP one of the stuff animals in cabin 674 did not sign up to go to swimming class and she did not know how to swim but she went in the pool being the best swimmer in Miss Moona’s class. The very next
day she was known as the best swimmer in the school.