baby playdate fun or not?

baby playdate a happy place to play or is it this is miss musan and we tested a baby and when we picked them up it was covered in lava there is a volcano there that maked alll the babies cry. So make sure your babby is safe and go here.



crybaby school at dreamcamp

hi Miss Musan here and we have just announced that at the W.M.C.Animal channel that dream cmap is the crybaby school of the week.

i think dreamm camp needs a dipper change.

we never have kiddnped kids

hi my name is Miss Musan and here all of our classes are inside and we have never gotten a kiddnaped kids. so if you want your kids not to get kiddnaped come to W.M.C.animal and do not read on kiddnaped stuff


posinous food in dream cmap

hi my name is Miss musan from W.M.C.Animal and we just found out that the lunch lady put posin in everyone’s food. But here at W.M.C.Animal we do fresh food. ex. This pasta the green stuff is actually posin. think again or come to dream camp.



miss susan

I Miss Susan hate all of my students and i will always.

from Miss Susan dream camps princable.


tedy the killing bear

hi my name is tedy and i tedy hacked into the dream camp blog and i am going to kill all of you bye tomorrow.

P.S. i like W.M.C.Animal better.

from tedy buttjermean


the new gun

This gun was found on the floor in the dream camp lake. We took it to Mr. Chris and he said that this is a very rare gun now it belongs to puppy Buttjermean.