Afa Bats On The Loose


Afa bats are on the loose wow look at them this is the worst thing ever it is war hurricane blizzard and afa bats and flu season worst ever ever since well never stay indoors


Yearbook Relsesed

Attetion Stuff animals the dream cap 2011-2012 yearbook has been relesed today the reason it come out in 2013 is because of being sewed by Candy’s parents which we could not print all of them ordeer online and get one today !!!!!!



Super Bowl Today

In Stuff animal State in the Super bowl will be the Stuffanimalet’s vs Univermy’s who will win?


Are You In Building Class?

Attetion people in building class:About the flied trip please e-mail dream camp your allergies at Please know that you will not have to bring lunch and hope that everyone got it signed

Thank you

this will be what the lot loooks like

empty lot


New Resturaunt in town

Well right next to dream camp a new restaruant has opened it is called Casa Deah Party has just opeaned yeah well dream camp will let you leave campus to go there any questions just call the loby at (258)-073-0982

Thank you


this is one of the people who own the resturant


Miss Susan in The Hospital

turns out Miss Susan fainted in a little party and have been in the hospital. To every studnent in dream camp your break is from Jan 1-Feb 7 thank u Miss Susan’s adress to send anything is well dream camps adress is AC Aniksj Rd 101 dream Camp ROOM NUMBER:3758378 Please only cards gift or drawings or money or checks


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