Miss Susan makes kids give her lemonade?

Miss Susan was in her office she was thirsty she got every single kid from P.E to assite her all we know is that she made them get her lemonde. And did not say sorry to any of the children. So if you want a new school come to W.M.C. animal.

Miss Musan

miss suan lemonade


Miss susan slaps a cop?

When they arrested my sister she slapped a cop also shot him. She wuill be there for 50 years or until she dies. i Fell so bad for her.

Miss Musan

susan and cop

roo and ray with zoo animals

When i was at the zoo i saw two little boys relese millions of zoo animals one ranover me and now i am in the hospital. I hope i will get out soon.

Miss Musan

keeping you safe


Puppy and Sprinkles babysitting

I let puppy and sprinkles babysit my two daughters when i got home the were still awake in the basment hagging by thier neck house a mess and they were playing video games. Could anything be worse?

Miss Musan


Fuzzy punched her husband

fuzzy buttjermean the person you trust punched her husband i was in the park with my daughters and i saw fuzzy and teddy at the park. What i saw was fuzzy punched tedy. I do not know why but i feel so bad.

Miss Musan


Miss Susan stole shoes, clothes, and jewery?

I went in side of Susans house for her husbands birthday and in her room were these items priceless things i could not belive it after shes my sister i think they should put her in jail.

Miss Musan

1. a1f2.a3m3.miss susan 2013 prom dress plus more

Teddy’s gunshack

Hello this is the best princable ever MIss Musan,

i was in Teddy’s room and i saw a gun shack with teddy’s name on top. So i thought i should report it you thought teddy was nice think again.

Miss Musan

teddy gun shack

big summer beach bash

to all dream camp students,

thank you all for performing and helping

Joy Gillman

Fuzzy Buttjermean

Tedy Buttjermean

Lion Buttjermean

Sprinkles Buttjermean

Puppy Buttjermean

Roo Buttjermean

Ray Buttjermean

Bob Buttjermean

Lary Buttjermean

thank you,

miss susan

p.s. the spring program has ended if you’re coming back come to dream camp summer program call (248) 583-8902

big summer beach bash 2013